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Mai Tai - (Female Peach Phase Honduran Milk Snake - Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis)

It’s a cruel irony that my most beautiful snake is also the hardest to photograph due to extreme levels of wigglyness. I only got one clear shot, along with plenty of the obligatory “investigating the camera” shots.




Dasypeltis sp.

Snakes are weirdos in the best possible way.

They actually break the egg using hypapophyses on the ventral side of their vertebral column - spines that stick out of the belly-side as seen in the photos below:

For more photos and videos of these wonderful snakes doing their derpy egg-cracking wriggle, I refer you to this excellent blog post here!

(Photos from Google Images)

So my dubia colony is doing really well! Which means I have an excuse to do dumb things like this.

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Beth, what’s the easiest way to bathe a leo? Cause Boltz hates it when I handle her, but Epic couldn’t care less.


I have lots of spare 12qt tubs that I use for bath time for the smaller guys. I fill it with enough water to come about halfway up the animal (sometimes lower for leos) so they don’t have to actively swim. For my leos specifically, I only give them soaks if they have stuck shed on their toes, so I usually aim for something that covers their legs. I try for a water temperature that just only barely kind of possibly feels warm to the touch for me. Then I just set them it, put the lid on, and leave them alone in a quiet room, sometimes even a darker room if I can so they feel more secure.

As long as Boltz isn’t like absolutely panicking she should be fine. I get mixed reactions out of my guys a lot. Some just kind of wander around, others try to climb the walls. Same with the snakes really, some find it really weird, others don’t mind at all.

So Cronus came to me with a little bit of stuck shed on the very end of his tail tip, and I wanted to wait until he settled a bit to get it taken care of.

Well he got his bath today (which he was slightly confused over) and the tail tip bit slipped away ever so nicely! I pulled it apart just out of curiosity and there had to be like 5 layers of stuck shed in that little thing. Man, I bet that felt good to get off.

I wonder if the plastic container companies realize how much they’ve assisted the reptile world over the years.





I’d say if you can get pictures of her belly, go for it!

Also, I’m no expert on corn snakes or hybrids, but I think her being larger than your average corn is a very good indicator that she could be a hybrid.

Ah!!! Ok!!! I took some images, most inside because the weather decided it would be cool and rainy today. One of them has bad mspaint editing on one side because someone’s face was in it that didn’t want to be put online! I hope you don’t mind! 


Well, one thing’s for sure, whatever “morph” she might be is definitely albino. The red eyes and lack of dark belly markings makes that obvious.

I think you should try to find albino rat snakes that have similar colors to her.. though that’s easier said than done. I DID look up albino yellow rat snakes on Google, though, and I think I have found quite a few close matches. This is the closest I could find.


The coloring is similar, so if you match that up with typical corn snake markings, you’ve got a Peko! Again, though, I could be wrong.

All that aside, you’ve got a very pretty snake on your hands, and I wish you both a good, long life!

Coool!!! Thanks again for all your help! Some little red blotches on the scales in that photo resemble Peko’s, although the image above is a bit more uniform! Those blotches are the thing that throws me off the most. Little cute, freckly things.



Thank you again! In the end, whatever morph or hybrid, Peko will be a great companion animal. I looking forward to hosting him/her for the rest of it’s snakey life. 

Aha. Yes. I think we have a winner! It was the red splotches that were really throwing me as well. Pure Amel corn snakes have tons of red, but anything else they’re combined with usually eliminates the red entirely or does something completely different with it. So looks like a rat snake cross is really likely then! That’s pretty cool. I actually REALLY love Peko’s markings personally haha.


Updated pictures of Peko in hopefully more natural lighting! 

Same question as yesterday, does anyone know what morph she is?

I feel annoying asking the same question twice, but a lot of people requested better photos! Let me know if I need to take more. 

Man this is baffling. There’s definitely an amel gene in there, but what else??? I would maybe say snow, but snows usually have more yellow and creamy tans in the saddles and not those interesting red flecks. I’m wracking my brain trying to think what other gene combos could make a snake look like this, but I can’t think of anything. Who knows, I could be missing something, so maybe asking some folks at a corn snake forum would get better results.

Until then my only guess is you have a really unique Snow on your hands haha. (other wild theories would be a hybrid of some kind, but again I can’t think of any hybrids that would produce this kind of look.)

Gorgeous snake though!

Edit: I just saw your post about how she was labeled as corn/ratsnake when you bought her, so now I’m leaning towards my hybrid theory. Crossing corn snakes with rat snakes is actually somewhat common and makes for some interesting results. I’m not well versed in the hybrids though so I couldn’t say for sure, but now I’m drifting more strongly towards that possibility.

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So my sister got me probably the best birthday present ever! 

Wow this book is huge and gorgeous and don’t mind me I’m just going to spend the rest of the day pouring over it.

So my sister got me probably the best birthday present ever!

Wow this book is huge and gorgeous and don’t mind me I’m just going to spend the rest of the day pouring over it.